About Web Tracking

What is Web Tracking?

By using Web Tracking you can observe the clicking behaviour of your target audiences and use that information to optimise your marketing strategy. By detecting patterns in the clicking and purchasing preferences of your customers, you can improve and personalise your messages, workflows or your website content according to their needs. With Web Tracking you can organise your contacts into different interest groups in order to approach them with relevant content depending on the preferences of each group.

Web Tracking is an extra paid Flexmail feature. Please, contact our sales team for more information.

How does Web Tracking work via Flexmail? 

Flexmail offers an easy to manage Web Tracking platform. First, you need to set up one or more interest labels to which Flexmail will categorise your contacts after they click on a certain link or download a certain document (conversion goals). Then you need to set up the URL of the page you wish to be tracked and select the interest label which will apply for that page. You can also use a * as a wildcard to group multiple pages with similar content or theme. Flexmail collects the results so you can easy see which conversion goals have been achieved.

Learn more on what you can use the web tracking results for.

Web Tracking reports

In your web tracking reports, you will find a list of all the visited pages (conversion goals) and the contacts who have clicked on them.

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