Optimise your images for the web and email

Loading web pages and emails is delayed by non-optimised images. This will not please subscribers who view your email or information via mobile data. Therefore, it is important that your images are saved with the proper dimensions and that these are optimised for the Internet. This has the following benefits:

  • Speed: according to a Google study, the chance that a mobile user leaves a web page will increase by 90% if loading it takes more than five seconds.
  • User experience: by keeping images optimised and ensuring they can be loaded fast, you ensure a seamless, smooth experience for your contacts, which motivates them to open your (email) communication.

The optimum format for your images

Restrictions to uploading your logo
  • JPEG or PNG files
  • Use a resolution with a width of at least 200 pixels
  • The file size of your image should not exceed 1MB
Restriction to uploading your background image
  • JPEG or PNG files
  • Use a resolution with a width of at least 1920 pixels
  • The file size of your image should not exceed 2MB

Edit your images before you can upload them in Flexmail

When you want to save your image in image editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom, opt for Save for the web (if available).

Additionally, you can use the tools below to optimise images for the web or email further and thus adjust them to the proper dimensions.

  • JPEGmini: with this app you can compress images and reduce their file size without visibly affecting the image quality.
  • TinyJPG or TinyPNG: you can use tinyJPG or tinyPNG to compress your images further.

Any problems with the colours of your images?

When you upload a new image, your background may not be loaded correctly. This could be caused by the fact that your image was saved in CMYK colour mode instead of RGB colour mode. All you need to do is change the colour mode into RGB. If you have access to image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, it will be easy for you to change this yourself. Here you can read how to do this.

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