About the Flexmail subscriptions

Depending on your marketing needs, Flexmail offers various subscription plans, such as sending newsletters on a regular basis exclusively or getting started specifically with personalisation and targeting.

Unlimited mailing at a fixed price per month

Our subscription plans are based on the number of contacts you upload in Flexmail. Here, you can choose from a subscription that is monthly renewed and one that is annually renewed. If you opt for annual renewal, you will get a nice 10% discount.

With the subscription you have chosen, you send an unlimited number of emails to the contacts in your database every month. In this way, you will never be facing any unpleasant surprises thanks to the fixed monthly amount, even if your sending frequency goes up.


Contact: A contact is a unique person in your Flexmail account who can receive emails. In Flexmail, a contact at least has an email address, a language, and a source. Only active contacts determine the pricing tier that applies to you, so unsubscribed and unconfirmed contacts do not count for your subscription.

Contact limit: Depending on the subscription you have chosen, a maximum number of contacts is allowed in your account. If your contact limit is reached, you will no longer be able to add any new contacts. If your new contacts want to try to subscribe via your website when your contact limit has been reached, we will notify you by email. In that case, your best option would be to upgrade to a higher contact limit.

Number of users: The number of unique users (with a unique email address) who can log on to your account. The number of users allowed depends on the subscription plan you have chosen.

Adjusting your Flexmail subscription

Of course, your needs may change. You can adjust your contact limit at all times or make the transition to another subscription plan.


If you want to make the transition to a higher contact limit or a higher subscription plan, your adjustment will be implemented immediately, and you can use your new possibilities straight away. If you upgrade today, your renewal date will also be adjusted.

Any remaining days of your current subscription will be settled with the price. This means you will never pay for the same period twice.

This is how you upgrade your account:

  1. On the dashboard, click Upgrade my subscription.
  2. Select your preferred contact limit and/or subscription plan.
  3. Click Upgrade.
  4. Check your payment details and the adjustments you have chosen.
  5. Click Pay.

That’s it!

Unsubscribing your Flexmail account

Unsubscribing is always possible before the expiry date of your current invoicing period. If you unsubscribe, your subscription will be planned, so you will be able to use your account until the final day of your current invoicing period.

Outstanding payments need to be paid first before you can unsubscribe your account.

After you have unsubscribed, your account will enter a 30-day grace period, during which you can log on and consult data but you can no longer send any campaigns. If you change your mind within this 30-day period, we can reactivate your account and the related data.

Once these 30 days have expired, your account and all related data will be deleted. After this, it will be impossible to recover any data.

When your account is deleted, your contacts, contact history, statistics and reports will be deleted permanently. Links in emails already sent will no longer work for your contacts, and new unsubscriptions will not be processed anymore.

Are you unsubscribing because of infrequent mailing?

You can also opt for changing your account into a credits account (pay as you go). It is a flexible alternative for your monthly subscription.

Instead of a fixed monthly price, you buy email credits when you need them. It is a good option for companies that send messages only once in a while.

How credits work

You can compare an email credit with a stamp. Every email you send to one contact costs one email credit. Workflows and bounces also count. Opt-in emails sent automatically are free of charge.

An email campaign can only be started if the number of credits in your account is equal to or larger than the number of planned recipients of the campaign.

Contact the sales department if you want to make the transition from a subscription to credits. Next, you can order a package of credits if necessary. The smallest package consists of 10 000 credits.

For package prices, please contact sales@flexmail.be


It should be noted that credits will expire after 12 months. Of course, we will let you know when the expiry date of any remaining credits draws near.

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