Which status can my contact have?

All your contacts are saved in your database, but that doesn't mean they are all active. The different statuses are spread across the three tabs on your contact overview:

Confirmed contacts 

These are contacts that are active and you're allowed to send emails to. 

Unconfirmed contacts 

These contacts have filled out a Flexmail opt-in form on your website, but didn't confirm their opt-in yet. 

Flexmail always uses a double opt-in mechanism when a contact fills out an opt-in form created in Flexmail. That means that we first send them an opt-in message, asking them to confirm their subscription. Once they click on the opt-in link in that email, those contacts are moved from the unconfirmed to the confirmed tab. 

Blacklisted contacts

The contacts that are blacklisted cannot receive emails sent by you through your Flexmail account. When you look at them a little closer, you can see the reason why they ended up there. 

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