Import errors

When you need to import an existing file of email addresses and other contact information, you first need to map the columns in your .csv file with your contact fields in Flexmail. Based on that mapping and the information in your file, we'll analyse your file, try to match all information, and finally import all valid contacts. 

There are several reasons however why a contact could not get imported. You'll find those reasons and more context below. 

  • (Permanently) blacklisted
    Contacts that are (permanently) blacklisted cannot be manually overruled during an import.
  • Have an invalid email address
    The email address contains an error, which you can resolve in the error export file.
  • Field has an invalid value
    The value in the field couldn't be mapped, because the value doesn't match with multiple choice field options or because the interest doesn't exist. You can resolve this by changing the values to existing ones in your error export or by creating the interests/field options in Flexmail first and re-uploading your file. 
  • Has an invalid language
    You're trying to import a language that we cannot match with any of your selected communication languages. Files that don't contain any languages, or in which some contacts have an empty value as language, won't trigger this error message. In those last two cases, we'll ask you in the next screen which language you wish to add for contacts that don't have languages in this import. Same for sources. 
  • Has an invalid date for a field
    You're trying to import a date value that doesn't match the ISO8601-format (e.g. 2018-08-25). You can correct this in the error export file.
  • Required field missing
    An email address is the only required field for a contact to get added to Flexmail. So contacts without an email address cannot be imported.
  • Double contacts
    When an email address appears more than once in a file, we merge these rows with the already existing contact in Flexmail. This is not a blocking issue, but you should check your file. Read here how the merging works.

To make sure you have all the information and context you need, we'll show you a overview of: 

  • The number of unique valid contacts to be imported
  • Warnings and errors for other contacts with more details on what went wrong

Based on that information and depending on the error type we'll ask you what you wish to do with those contacts. If something cannot get resolved automatically, we'll give you the option to export a file with invalid contacts. In that file, you'll find the details of the error next to every contact. That way you can resolve every one of them. 

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