What does a contact consist of?

What is a contact

Technically, a contact in Flexmail corresponds to an email address. That means that an email address should be unique in your account. You cannot add the same email address twice. An email address reduces a person to a thing. We believe in relevant communication. To do that, you want to learn more about them than just an email address. 

Why does that matter

When a contact only exists in your database once, the info of that contact will always be 'accurate'. If you upload new data, your existing contact will get updated with the newest information. 

If you're using several mailing lists, this is probably not the case. Your database will contain duplicate contacts, because they may be present on several lists. One list will be more up to date than another. It becomes difficult to determine how your contacts ended up on those lists and which information is correct.  

In Flexmail, you always start with one single database. From there, you'll start profiling contacts with similar interests or characteristics. That way you'll create new target groups for your communication. The more relevant your message, the better your results will be. 

What does a contact consist of

  • Default fields - You can use 5 default fields to store your contacts' information in: first name, name, email address, language and source. 
  • Custom fields - These are fields you create yourself to store information about your contacts.
  • Interests - These allow contacts to indicate what kind of information they'd like to receive. You can also can use them to add tags to contacts to store some extra context about them, which you can use to further segment your audience or personalise your message.
  • Status - A contact always has a status: confirmed, unconfirmed or blacklisted.
  • Date added - The date on which a contact was first added to your account. 
  • Segment overview - An overview of the segments in which the contact occurs.

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