Workflow actions

When creating a workflow, you will need to define what would happen for every consequent step of that workflow. This is achieved by using the workflow actions. Flexmail offers a variety of actions, divided into three types.

Send actions

With the send actions you have three choices on how to continue your workflow. 

  • Launch a new campaign - After selecting this action, you will need to enter all the sender and campaign-related information, choose your message and specify the time at which the campaign would be launched.
  • Launch a new SMS campaign - With this action you will need to enter a name for the campaign, choose the recipients, type in your SMS message and specify the time at which the campaign would be launched.
  • Send an internal notification within your company - An internal notification will let you automatically relay important information to your staff, like sales leads, for example. You will need to enter the name and subject of the notification, the recipient, type in or select an existing message and specify the time at which the notification would be sent.

Flow actions

With the flow actions you have five choices on how to continue your workflow:

  • Add a waiting block - With this option, you can wait for a certain event to happen in order to continue the flow. After choosing a wait block, you will need to set up a trigger. For example, you can set up to wait until a contact fills out your survey, which would be the trigger, in order to continue the flow for that contact. You can also set up a certain date or a period of time after which the flow would continue.
  • Add an if/else block - With this option, your workflow will be divided into two sides. After choosing an if/else block, you will need to set up a trigger. Contacts who correspond to the trigger will be sent to the Yes side and contacts who don't will be sent to the No side of the workflow. You can then continue the flow separately for both sides.
  • End the workflow - When you are ready with everything in your flow, you can end it with this action.
  • Start another workflow - Use this action if you want to combine two or more workflows. You will need to select a flow you have already created. This is a very useful option if you are not yet experienced with creating custom workflows. You can just follow the Flexmail templates and then combine flows. For example, you can create an event reminder and an event follow-up workflows and combine them with this action.
  • End another workflow - If you have started another workflow, you can use this action to end it.

Contact actions

There are eight contact actions to choose from. You can use contact fields to determine what would happen to a contact after a certain action. For example, you can move contacts to an interest if they clicked on certain links in your campaign or you can move contacts to the blacklist if they don't open your campaign.

  • Add to a list - This action is used to add new contacts to you Flexmail database. Your account contains only one list, which comprises all the contacts you have in your Flexmail database. Therefore, when selecting this action you will only have one list to choose from - your database. We recommend that you use an add an update contact/interest action after the add to a list action, in order to segment your new contacts.
  • Remove from list - Same as the action above, you will only be able to select one list - your database. Keep in mind that with this action, the contacts will be completely removed from your Flexmail account.
  • Update contact - With this action, you can update a database field for your contacts. You will need to select the field and assign a value that would be applied to it.
  • Add to an interest - Select an interest which would apply to the contacts.
  • Remove from interest - Select an interest from which the contacts would be removed.
  • Add to blacklist - Place the contacts in your blacklist. You will only need to tick off the checkbox that comes with this action.

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