About workflows

What are workflows?

Workflows are automated scenarios you can set up in order to properly follow-up on different occasions throughout the whole marketing cycle. Workflows are a sure way to send the right information to your contacts at crucial moments or to send automatic internal notifications to your staff to provide them with important information like sales leads, for example.

Why use workflows?

The primary added value of workflows is that they perform an action automatically whenever it is triggered by the behaviour of your contacts, their interactions with your campaign, or other events. They work, by pre-created rules, in the background, without the need of your intervention at the moment. With workflows, your campaigns never sleep. 

There is a wide range of possibilities when using workflows. For example, you can send welcome messages to your new subscribers, birthday emails, event-related messages, like reminders and surveys after an event has passed, additional information on some products based on a what links have your contacts clicked on, and many others. Workflows are always a good idea for taking the necessary actions for every step of the marketing cycle.

How do workflows work in Flexmail?

Workflows take away the need for you to manually send messages for all kinds of different occasions. Once you create a workflow, the messages in it will be sent automatically based on the triggers you set up for them. For example, you can set up a workflow to automatically send a welcome message right after a contact subscribes to your messages through submitting an opt-in form. In Flexmail, you can create custom workflows starting from scratch, or you can use one of the following templates we have already assembled for your convenience: 

  • Welcome message
  • Welcome series
  • One-time occasion
  • Recurring occasion
  • Follow-up event
  • Event reminder
  • Follow-up on contact request
  • Sales follow-up

If you choose one of the standard workflow templates, you will just have to fill in the blocks with the necessary information. You can always add, edit and remove the different elements. Flexmail offers a wide range of options for every different workflow element, so you can tailor your workflows to your desire.

Support tip
We advise you to think in advance about what you would like to happen in a workflow, especially if it's a custom workflow. We do not recommend making changes to the workflow once it has been started. 

Workflow reports

In your workflow reports, you will find all the real-time data concerning every step of your workflow. That way, you can see how many times the different steps of the workflow have been executed. The report data will be accompanying the different blocks which it concerns.

When a campaign is sent only via a workflow, the results can only be found in the workflow report. There is no separate campaign report.

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