About categories

What are categories?

For a better overview, your campaigns, messages, forms, surveys, landing pages and workflows can be organised in various categories. By creating a Flexmail account, a default category My category is generated. You can create your own categories, for example: 

  • Newsletters 
  • Update emails 
  • Invitations/events
  • ...

How do categories work in Flexmail?

If you go to Campaigns, Messages, Forms, Surveys, Landing pages or Workflows section of your Flexmail account, you will see a Categories button. By clicking on it, you will be able to see all your existing categories for that section. 

Here you can manage your categories. You can: 

  • Create a new category
  • Edit a category
  • Remove a category
  • Change the category

After you set up your categories, you can directly select how to categorise your items. In every first step of creating your messages, campaigns, forms, surveys, landing pages and workflows you can select the right category. 

How to do that exactly in my account?
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