Hi Kris, the model of your car is now in the spotlight

The subject line is one of the most important elements of your email message. The phrase is, after all, meant to persuade your reader. It’s not for nothing that email marketers look for an original approach time and again.

You won’t need much imagination to realise that a general subject line simply doesn’t work. Every one of your readers is unique, with their own separate tastes and expectations. One way of diversifying your subject line is in the technical possibility of personalising it. Let’s take a look at a few possibilities.

Hi Kris

It’s a classic. Use your contact’s name in the subject line for recognition and to create the impression that you’ve written this email just for Kris. It increases the open rate according to just about all research. On the other hand, this ‘trick’ is used very often. A more critical internaut will see right through it and might even consider it a reason not to open your email.

Today in Hasselt

Another possibility is to mention your contact’s place of residence in your subject line. Put your story in your contact’s environment. You might initially have a national offer, but if you can localise it to fit your contact’s place of residence, they might be more easily persuaded to click. American research has shown that this type of diversification yields more results than using your contact’s first name.

Your car model

Especially when it comes to clients, you’ll do well to mention the product they bought in your subject line now and again. If you send an email as a car manufacturer to boost sales, using your client’s car model will spark more recognition than any other approach. And that goes for any product.

Playing with variables

And there’s plenty more options from which to choose. For each product or marketing driven environment there will be a plethora of possibilities. We have only two pieces of advice to add. Try to be as original as possible, but stay recognisable. And the most important piece of advice remains: test, test, test until you have the perfect subject line for your goals!

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