Thou shalt not interrupt

Email marketing is a quick and easy way to strive for conversion. Therefore, it can be tempting to launch an extra campaign on the side. Only, the threshold for irritation is easily crossed.

In theory we all work with contact databases acquired by some form of opt-in philosophy. But despite your contacts indicating they want to receive emails, you still need to respect their boundaries. One day your contact will decide enough is enough and click the unsubscribe link. To prevent that, we’ve lined up some simple tips.

Consider frequency

It is important to keep some ground rules in mind. The frequency with which you send your email list messages is a first important step. If you’ve promised a daily newsletter, then feel free to send out an email daily. Did you mention a monthly frequency in the opt-in? Then you’ll do well to stick to it. Of course, exceptions are possible - for instance at the start of a sales period, gift season… - but let them remain exceptions.

Segment in service of frequency

The time to randomly message your mailing list has long passed. Sending general messages to your complete database also means that you will reach contacts that aren’t actually supposed to receive your newsletter. All benefits of relevance aside, working with segments excludes specific contact groups. That way, you won’t needlessly bother them.

Skip a turn

From campaign reports, sales results or CRM codes you can perfectly detect who converted on the previous email. You could then decide to skip these contacts once, especially if your products or services are not fast moving. It goes without saying that whomever read the email and even clicked through does not need superfluous reminders.

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