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If your account already works with interests instead of with interest labels and preferences, you can find more information here.

An opt-in form gives new potential contacts the opportunity to subscribe to your messages or indicate that they want to continue receiving them. You can link opt-in forms to your messages or add the link to your website. You can also add preferences to your opt-in forms which your contacts can use to indicate what kind of information they would like to receive from you. The following article will show you how to create an opt-in form and all the related options to it.

  1. To create a new opt-in form, go to Forms > Opt-in section of your account. Here you will be able to see all the opt-in forms you have created so far.

  2. Click on Create new form.

  3. On the first page you will need to enter a name for your opt-in form and select the language. The language you choose here will be used for texts such as Select and Submit in the form. Then click on Next.

  4. On the second page you can manage the fields and preferences of your opt-in form. You can add as many as you want by clicking on Add a field or Add a preference and then selecting the desired field or preference from the drop-down list. All the fields and preferences you have created so far can be selected.

  5. On the same page you will need to indicate which fields and preferences will be displayed in every element of the subscription process by checking the corresponding check boxes.

    The checked fields and preferences will be displayed in the subscription form.

    When a contact fills in the form, they will receive an opt-in email which will refer them to a confirmation link. The confirmation page is a convenient place to ask your new contacts to provide more information. Add more fields and/or preferences and check the confirmation box to do so.

    By default, an update link will be placed in your email messages. This will enable your contacts to update their profile from within every email message. Check the fields and preferences they would be able to update.

    Indicate which fields would be required to fill in.

    By default, an unsubscription link will be placed in your email messages. By checking the unsubscription box you can indicate which preferences you would like to be present in the unsubscription page. That way, your contacts have the option to unsubscribe just from certain preferences, not from all your messages. 

    Here you can tick off certain preferences as default. Your contacts will still be able to change the default preferences when they are choosing which ones apply to them.

  6. The next step of creating your opt-in form consists of two different parts:

    Sending information
    On the left side of the page, you will need to enter all the sending information. 

    Messages personalisation
    On the right side of the page you can personalise all the email messages and pages that your contacts will see during the opt-in process, divided into two sections. In the Opt-in section you can personalise the opt-in email message, the opt-in update screen and the screen after confirmation. In the Update section you can personalise the update form and the screen after update. Click on the icon of the message or page you would like to make changes to.

    The message or page will open up so you can make changes right on the spot. You can see all the fields and preferences you have selected on the previous step in the different messages and pages.

    By clicking the Reset button you will reset the whole page, not only the changes you have made.

  7. On the last page you will see the HTML code of your new opt-in form, so you can copy it and place it on your website. You can also Preview your opt-in form.

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