About Sender Validation and Email Authentication

Sender Validation

In order to send email campaign via Flexmail, you will first have to have a validated email address. This ensures that the owner of the email address has agreed that their email address will be used for such purposes. After you have requested validation for a certain email, the owner of that email will receive a confirmation email where they can give their consent. If the email address has been confirmed, a tick icon will appear in front of it and you will now be able to use that email to create and send new email campaigns.


Make sure to use an address that is accessible for someone, so the confirmation message can be confirmed. A no-reply email address for example, does not always have a mailbox, which makes it impossible to validate. We will not be able to validate the address for you, so keep this in mind when adding addresses as sender address. 

Email Authentication

In contrast to Sender Validation, Email Authentication is not necessary but it's highly recommended. The primary objective of authentication is to prevent abuse (spoofing, phishing). Email Authentication helps identify the person responsible for sending an email message which increases the delivery rates of your messages and prevents them from ending up in the spam folder of the recipient. 

To implement this, Flexmail uses three different technologies - SPF and DKIM. These technical standards are used when ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and other email gateways try to establish a sender’s true identity. We recommend that you implement all 3 technologies if you want to ensure an optimum result across all the relevant ISPs.

To activate Email Authentication, a number of DNS records will have to be tailored to your domain name. On the basis of your sender email address, Flexmail already checks existing records and generates all the missing records that are needed for authentication. If some records are missing, Flexmail will let you know that some authentication keys are not added. You can generate a TXT file which contains all records that are yet to be added, so you can forward this information to your domain administrator.

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