Why Flexmail only offers double opt-in as a signup method

What is (single) opt-in

Generally, ‘Opt-in’ is simply the process of your contact agreeing to receive communication from you. To be added to your mailing list. When a contact provides you with their email address in a form, and that data is then saved in your emailing database, this is considered single opt-in.

Opting in can happen multiple ways and could address multiple purposes for communication. You can have a subscription form on your website, an opt-in form in your email, or a physical register in your store.

A contact could do a general opt-in or they could express a preference to be contacted for certain purposes only.

What is double opt-in

Typically, when we say double opt-in we mean that regardless of the way you obtain the contacts email address, you create a second step in the signup process where you send a message to that address with a unique confirmation link. By clicking on that link, the user of that mailbox they (and no one else) consents to receive your contact.

How double opt-in helps you

In your effort to improve the quality and quantity of your mailing list, you probably want to make your sign up options as simple as possible. And that is a good idea, however, it creates risks.

For your digital subscriptions, you always risk becoming a victim to bot activities, to be provided non-existing mailbox addresses, which will lead to bounces, it will waste your resources and you will have to spend time cleaning your mail list. Also, lots of bounces are bad for your sender reputation.

By using double opt-in, you make sure you are complying to legal provisions that have to do with mass email. Double opt-in is the only legal opt-in version in Belgium and the Netherlands at the moment. Even though GDPR does not directly stipulate you have to use double opt-in, it does contain recommendations you follow best practices to make sure you can prove you have obtained any personal data legally. Also, you're sure that the person using that specific email address has filled out that form and does want to receive communication from you. 

How to do double opt-in

With Flexmail, the opt-in process is largely automated. However, you can always make stylistic, descriptive and instructional improvements to your opt-in forms.

Make sure your double opt-in message is clear. The contact must be able to easily recognise who it is coming from and what it is about.

Just as easily, they must be able to understand what they need to do. Use a very clear call to action. Be unambiguous about what they are agreeing to – exactly the type of content they will receive. Optionally, use preferences to give them a choice.

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