Types of campaigns

A campaign is a set of rules you can use to send out a pre-created message. 

There are four types of campaigns to choose from on Flexmail: Email, Opt-in, SMS or Test campaign. All campaigns can be launched immediately or at a specified date and time. 

Email campaign

By choosing an email campaign you can send messages to one or several segments, interest labels and/or preference lists via email.

Opt-in campaign

An opt-in campaign is used to ask your contacts if they want to start or keep receiving emails. An opt-in message with a link needs to be provided where contacts can click to give their approval. Only contacts who gave their approval will receive your emails.

Contacts who did not gave their approval within 14 days will be automatically removed from your unconfirmed contacts. If they wish, they can sign up again using an opt-in form on your website.

Support tip

In the opt-in email, include a link to the subscription page on your website so that contacts can easily subscribe again when the opt-in link no longer works.

SMS campaign

With this type of campaign, you can send your messages via SMS.

Sending SMS campaigns is not a standard feature in one of our subscriptions. Do you want more information? Contact our sales team

Test campaign

Test campaigns provide the opportunity to verify the final result by sending it to a test list containing some internal email addresses, for example. After having sent the test campaign, you can send the same campaign to your contacts without having to input all the data again.

Support tip
You can create unlimited test campaigns. 

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