Create a SMS campaign

In Flexmail you can also send SMS campaigns, but they are not a standard feature in one of our subscriptions. For more information on adding this feature to your account, please contact our sales team.

  1. To create a SMS campaign, click on Campaigns > Manage campaigns. Here you will be able to see all the campaigns you have created so far, ordered by category.

  2. Click on Create new campaign button and select Create new SMS campaign from the drop-down menu.

  3. In the first step of creating your campaign you will have to enter the name and category of your campaign and write the message you want to send. An SMS campaign costs SMS credits per contact. The maximum length of your message can be 402 symbols including special characters. Depending on the length of your message, it will be sent as 1, 2 or 3 text messages and will cost the corresponding number of SMS credits:
    • 140 symbols, including special characters - The message will be sent as 1 SMS text message and will cost 1 SMS credit per contact.
    • 268 symbols, including special characters - The message will be sent as 2 SMS text messages and will cost 2 SMS credits per contact.
    • 402 symbols, including special characters - The message will be sent as 3 SMS text messages and will cost 3 SMS credits per contact.

      Unlike email campaigns, there's no default unsubscribe link in your SMS campaigns. But with the simple words NO and STOP your contacts can unsubscribe from your campaign. 

    • NO - The contacts who reply NO to your message will no longer receive SMS campaigns from you. They will be added to the SMS blacklist of your account. 
    • STOP - The contacts who reply STOP to your message will no longer receive messages from our mobile service. They will be unsubscribed to the mobile service. 

      Attention Contacts that use to word STOP will not be able to receive any SMS campaigns anymore sent from our mobile service. We would therefore advice to use NO to unsubscribe instead of STOP. 

      Attention It is not possible to check your SMS blacklist. This can only be done by our support team.

  4. Next, you will have to select which segments will receive your SMS campaign. You also have the option to to exclude certain segments by clicking on the Exclude button. Your campaign will not be sent to the contacts you have chosen to exclude. Click on Next to continue.

    Warning Contacts must have a valid mobile number. Otherwise, the message will not be sent.

  5. On the next page, you will find an overview of your SMS campaign. Make sure to verify that all the information is correct. Click on Next to continue. 

  6. In the final step of creating your campaign you can choose to:
    • Save the campaign
    • Send the campaign now
  7. You can also insert one or several email addresses where Flexmail will automatically send a confirmation email to when the campaign has been sent.

Attention Do not remove contacts before the campaign is completely finished and send. If you do so, the results in your report will not be accurate!

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