Select target groups and/or exclude contacts

In the second step of creating your campaign you will need to choose the recipients of that campaign. You can enter one or more specified email addresses or you can select between the segments or interests in you Flexmail database.

Support tip

Even if a contact is included in multiple segments or interests you have chosen, the campaign will be sent to them only once. You don't need to worry that you are going to send the same campaign to the same contact multiple times.

When you don't want certain contacts to receive your new campaign, you can choose to exclude those contacts when setting up the recipients on the same second step of creating your campaign. Let's review some examples of when you would find this option useful.

  • Example 1: You have chosen the desired segments or interests but there are some specific contacts included in those segments or interests that you don't want to send the campaign to. In this case, just unite those contacts in a new segment and then exclude that segment from your mailing list. The contacts in the excluded segment will not receive your campaign even if they are a part of the segments or interests you have chosen to send your campaign to. 
  • Example 2: You have chosen to send the campaign to a certain segment, but some contacts in that segment have different interest labels. You have determined that your new campaign would not be interesting to contacts in a certain interest label. In this case, just exclude that interest label. The contacts in the excluded interest label will not receive your campaign even if they are a part of the segment you have chosen to send your campaign to. The exclude option gives you the opportunity to easily manage different sending variations between your segment or interests.

The excluded segments or interests will be displayed in your campaign overview.

Attention If your account already works with the new interests, you can compose segments on the basis of these interests. Next, you can choose which segments will receive the campaign and which ones you want to exclude.

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