The added value of personalising a message

Keep up with the competition

Personalization is an industry-standard in email marketing. Bring interest-specific content to your customers. Develop a personal approach. Show them you are actively trying to understand their needs and wants and offer them something that will satisfy their needs.

Keeping up with the competition will build trust in your audience towards your messages and offers. Your contacts will perceive you as a big and valuable player on the market.

Improve the relationship with your customers

Using personalisation to build a stronger relationship with your audience is not just recommended. It is required.

In a world where people are becoming ever more sensitive about anyone using their personal information, you might want to be careful. But there is no need to be too careful with this information. You have obtained it lawfully after all. And you have obtained it from the user exactly for the purpose of being able to offer a better experience.

Leading names in the field believe that personalising your messages with the sole focus of selling your products is counterproductive. You might think it is a good idea to refrain from overusing personal information. And that sounds logical.

However, it appears users are more trusting of you respecting their privacy, not based on how much information you use but based on the balance you keep between building a personal connection and pushing products.

For example, use workflows to send emails on your contacts birthdays with a personalised discount code. Include information about this policy to your subscription form, to sweeten the deal. Birthday emails have three times greater impact on company revenues than other promotional emails. You will experience an increase in sales and in subscribers.

Benefit from interest-specific products and services

Dynamic Content offers you an effortless way to suggest specific collections of products, services or other offers to your contacts based on their expressed interests, preferences, personal information, campaign interactions and other factors. Personalised offers have vast positive results.

  • Emails with personalised subjects are more than 25% more likely to be opened.
  • You may experience up to 20% increase in sales.
  • Personalised email marketing increases ROI by more than 100%.

With Flexmail, personalisation based on dynamic content is easy, flexible and is created in such a way that it already gives you ideas.

  • With the right segmentation, you can categorise your contacts into groups with similar interests or requiring special personalisation (i.e. translation or accessibility)
  • With Link Tracking you can create and perfect interests and test your audiences interaction with certain links.

The result is perfectly and easily personalised messages with great conversion rates.

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