Personalise with Dynamic Content

What is Dynamic Content?

Dynamic content is a concept that allows you to include parts of your message to some contacts but not to others based on certain criteria. Your content is dynamic because you construct the same message and it changes automatically for the contact that reads it. 

Using Dynamic Content you create your own dynamic messages effortlessly in the Drag & Drop Builder. That way you can send messages to your contacts that only contain relevant information, based on their contact data, characteristics, clicking behavior, segments and interests.

Personalizing a message based on clicking behavior is particularly interesting. It allows you to personalize a message for a particular contact based on their interaction with messages you have sent them in previous campaigns. If a contact clicked on a link in a previous campaign you can track that behavior, give the contact an interest, and show them in your next message more content related to the same topic, product or service only if they showed interest already.

How does Dynamic Content work in Flexmail?

You practically use information you already have about that user to decide whether or not to show them a particular piece of your content. 

The principle of Dynamic Content is that you need to determine the conditions and the result that are based on the if-then statements.

The condition is the criteria based on which you decide whether to show the content to the particular contact or not. The condition can be simple - just one condition, or it could be complex - multiple conditions. If you want to make your selection based on multiple conditions, you can determine whether those criteria must be met simultaneously, or if it is enough for any of those criteria to be met, in order for the contact to be shown the content. The criteria may be any or multiple of the following: 

  • Contact field
    • Here, the condition can be whether a particular contact field for that contact in your database contains a particular string. 
    • E.g. you can target any contacts that have an email address that starts with 'sales@'.
  • Interests
    • Here, the condition can be whether a particular contact belongs, or does not belong to a particular interest. Or, if they belong to a particular interest with certain engagement - a minimum number of clicks.
    • E.g. you can target any contacts that have an expressed interest in skincare products. 
  • Segments
    • Here, the condition can be whether a particular contact belongs, or does not belong to a particular pre-determined segments, managed in Contacts.
    • E.g. you can target any contacts you have imported from a particular source. 
  • Campaigns  
    • Here, the condition can be based on the interaction or lack of interaction of a contact to a particular campaign. Whether the contact 
      • has been sent / has not been sent the campaign
      • has opened a message / has not opened a message from the campaign
      • did not click on any links / clicked on any link / clicked on a particular link / clicked on a minimum number of links
      • completed a form / did not complete a form. 
    • E.g. you can target any contacts that have received a campaign that contains a form, but never filled it in. 

The result always contains the content your contact will be shown if they meet the criteria (the conditions). The result may include content the contact will be shown if they do NOT meet the criteria. If the contact does not meet the criteria, and if you do not specify a result, or you cannot specify a result in this case, then they will not be shown any content in this section of your message.

If your account still works with interest labels and preferences, you will still base your if-structures on these rather than on interests.

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