Set up Dynamic Content

Dynamic content allows your contacts to read messages, personalised with the information you have gathered for them. Certain parts of the message may be shown or hidden from certain contacts based on their characteristics, interests and clicking behaviour in previous campaigns.  

Drag & Drop Builder

  1. Hover over the element or structure you want to work on and click on the gear icon. Select the option "Visible for...".
  2. Using the selection menu you can perfectly refine the target audience for this piece of content.In the first drop-down list you can choose between contact fields, interests, segments and campaign actions. Next, you make the selection you need, based on your choice of a trigger.
  3. Using the plus icon you can add multiple "AND" parameters to fine-tune the audience. E.g. an article should only be shown in the message when:
    • Province field =  Antwerp
    • Language field = NL
    • Sector field = Construction
  4. Using these functions you can check whether the content of a field matches the conditions.
    If you're using the "OR" parameter, you can link specific information using the brackets to determine the order of the selections. E.g. Language field = EN AND interest = clothing OR clicked on the link in a previous campaign = new collection.

Your dynamic content will not be fully available in your Preview unless you add your conditions to your test profile. Once you did, you can switch the various conditions on and off to view the result. 

Wizard Template 

The only form of dynamic content that is possible in the wizard template is by adding if-structures in your text. This is, however, not advised because the Wizard was built to create messages by choosing a template and adding content in a simple and easy way. If you want to use Dynamic Content in the most suitable way, we recommend using the Drag & Drop Builder.

Click on the link to learn more about how to set up Dynamic Content via if-structures.

HTML Editor

The only form of Dynamic Content that is possible in the HTML editor is by adding if-structures in your own custom HTML code. Please be informed we do not provide support for custom HTML code.

Click on the link to learn more about how to set up Dynamic Content via if-structures.

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