Activate and manage Link Tracking

Link tracking is a great tool that will help you analyse the interaction of your audience with your message - which links are interesting to a particular client or group of clients and which links generate the greatest amount of clicks. 

By giving your links a different tracking name, you can analyse if the same link will be clicked on more often based on its location - if it is in your header, footer, or the body of your message. 

You can automatically group contacts based on the interest they showed in particular links. Give your links interests. If your contact clicked on a link from one campaign, you can target them in your next one with the same products based on their interest, via Dynamic Content. 

This article will explain for you how to open, activate and manage Link Tracking.

Open Link Tracking

Drag & Drop Builder

In the Builder, you will find your Link Tracking button below your canvas.

Wizard template

In the Wizard Template, you will find your Link Tracking button below your personalisation elements.

HTML Editor

In HTML Editor, you will find your Link Tracking button below your WYSIWYG editor.

Activate and manage Link Tracking

Link Tracking works similarly in our three message builders.  

We suggest you only activate Link Tracking when your message is all done and ready to be sent out. 

Once you have located the Link Tracking button just click on it to enter the link tracking management. Flexmail will analyse your message and make a list of all available links. 

On the next screen, you can rename your link, turn on tracing, turn on Google Analytics and assign an Interest.

Rename your link

The names of your links will appear automatically when you activate link tracking. 

Names are especially important if you have the same link in your message twice or more. In this case, the link will appear every time in your link tracking. Do not make the mistake to track just one of those links. On the contrary, make sure you give those links a different link name. For example Twitter-header and Twitter-footer. When your campaign results are processed this will give you information if your contacts are more likely to follow a link you posted at the top or the bottom of your message. In your next campaign, you can use this knowledge to your advantage.

Just click in the text field of the Link name, edit it and click on Save to apply the changes.


You can opt out of tracing your link. Just remove the check from the checkpoint. We do not recommend you do that to a lot of the links in your message because then they will not appear in your reports. However, if you feel like you have too many links and want to keep your reports short and clear, you can opt out.

Google Analytics

If you already use Google Analytics on your website, you might be interested to track the traffic coming to it from your email campaigns. With Flexmail, you can do that easily via Link Tracking. 

Here, you can indicate if you wish to follow up a certain link in Google Analytics. By default Google Analytics tracing will be switched off.  You can opt in to trace all of your hyperlinks in Google Analytics by default in Settings > Link Tracking.

You can also activate/deactivate Google Analytics tracking link by link by removing or adding the check from the checkpoint. Then click on Save to apply the change.


You can connect a link to an Interest. That way each contact will automatically be part of the connected interest once they click on that link. 

From Link Tracking you can only assign an interest to a link. To create a new Interest, go to Contacts > Interests > Create new interest.

To assign the interest to your link just use the dropdown to select the interest, then click on Save to apply the changes. 

The links themselves and the Link Tracking settings should NOT be changed after you send the campaign. If you change them, the results in the reports would not be correct. 

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