About the HTML Editor

What is the HTML Editor? 

The HTML Editor is one of the three tools you can use in Flexmail to create a message for your audience. 

Unlike the Drag & Drop Builder or the Wizard, the HTML Editor will not give you pre-designed options for your message. The HTML Editor works the best in two cases. A) You want to send out a very simple, text-only message or B) you have a custom-designed HTML message from a graphic designer. 

How does the HTML editor work in Flexmail? 

Most importantly, the HTML editor in Flexmail is a WYSIWYG editor. You can use it to write your message, edit the layout and style, edit your font and text size, add images and tables, hyperlinks and another formatting. The editor will show you the message exactly as your audience will see it and will do the HTML code in the back for you. 

List with functionalities of the HTML Editor 

  • Text editing. Use the classic text editing options – for font, size, alignment, color, etc. 
  • Image management. Attach an image or a file to your message 
  • Link management. Link your message to your website or a survey 
  • Personalisation. Enter placeholders in your text to be replaced by their respective name, company name, phone number, address or other personal data from the database. 
  • Version management. Every time you click on the Save button a version of your message will be preserved. Click on Rollback to review all message versions 
  • Social media management. Link your social media to your message or write a message to entice your audience to share your newsletter or your article 
  • Preview. It will show you how the message looks as you are working on it. You can even type in an email address at the top and send yourself the message as a test. 
  • Template. You can save the message you worked on as a template for further use.

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