About Link Tracking

What is Link Tracking?

Link tracking is a type of analysis of your contact's interactions with the messages you send them. When you create your message, you can go to Link Tracking to see a list of all links you have added to your message. You can name and categorize your links. After you send out your campaign, you start seeing results of the link tracking in your automatically generated Reports. In those, you can see whether your link has been followed, how many people clicked on the link and by whom they were clicked.

That will help you learn more about the interests of your contacts, predict better how they will interact with your content in the future, and offer them more interesting content to achieve better engagement. 

For each link in your message, you can indicate if you would like to follow the link in Flexmail and/or in Google Analytics. 

How does Link Tracking work in Flexmail?

Regardless of which tool you chose to create your message - the Drag & Drop Builder, The Wizard Template or the HTML Editor, you will see the Link Tracking option at the bottom of your message editor. 

In the link tracking management menu, all of your links will be listed. By default, they will be named with the anchor text and tracking will be enabled. You do not necessarily want to follow every link. Just the links that you want your audience to engage with. 

You can rename your links. Make sure that even if you have the same links several times within your message, each link is unique. For example, if you have a link pointing to your landing page in the header and in the footer of your message, you want to know which one your audience clicked on, so that your reports show you which part of your message they interact with more. In that case, you should add "#1, #2, ..." to complete those links.

You can connect a link to an interest. That way each contact will automatically be part of the connected interest once they click on that link.

Click on the link to learn more about how to Activate Link Tracking

Google Analytics

If you already use Google Analytics on your website, you might be interested to track the traffic coming to it from your email campaigns. With Flexmail, you can do that easily via Link Tracking

Here, you can indicate if you wish to follow up a certain link in Google Analytics.

The utm parameters that are added by us refer to the following:
  • utm_source: flexmail
  • utm_medium: email
  • utm_campaign: the name of your campaign, if you change the name of your campaign, it will also change.
  • utm_content: Name of the link in the link tracking, you can also change this in the link tracking of the message.

You can also opt in to trace all of your hyperlinks in Google Analytics by default in Settings > Link Tracking.

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