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The Wizard Template is one of the three tools you can use in Flexmail to create a message for your audience. It gives you a selection of pre-designed templates that you can use for your message with simple edits of text, images, and color. 

This article will walk you through a helpful example of creating a message with the Wizard. We encourage you to get creative and explore even further the capabilities of our Wizard.

You will find the Wizard in your Flexmail administration panel. 

Create a message

  1. Click on Campaigns, and then on Messages, to open your Message administration area. Here you will be able to see the messages you have already created, ordered by category.

  2. Click on Create new message.

  3. Now select WIZARD. You can name your message, select your category and your template.

    Support tip
    The lower part of the screen will show you your templates. If there is a smartphone visible on the template thumbnail, that means the template is optimised for mobile phones (responsive) - the message will recognize the device it is being read on, and it will change to appear easier to understand and follow - text will be clearer, images will be visible, etc.  

    Click on Save to start composing your message.

  4. In the example below, we have selected the template 'Mobile - 1'. 

    Support tip
    Hover with your cursor over the personalisation elements. The template visualisation that you see on your right-hand side will highlight the element you indicate. It is an easy way to understand which elements go where, and to imagine how you want your design to look.

Personalisation elements

Bear in mind, the different templates will offer you a different set of elements. 

  1. Use the Logo element to upload your logo and add a hyperlink to it. Check the mark for Hide logo to hide the default or custom logo from your message. 
  2. With Header you can upload a great image to grab the attention. 
  3. Use Title to give a heading to your message. For no heading, leave empty. 
  4. Use the Banner and Banner footer images to create a visual 'frame' at the top and/or bottom of your message. Just like the logo you can add a hyperlink to it. And you can check the mark for Hide banner to hide the default or custom image from your message. 
  5. Use the Articles or Promotions section to add the items you want your audience to pay attention to. For example, if you are a travel agency, the articles may be various destinations. If you are a bakery, the articles may be your cookies, cakes and cupcakes. Typically each article comes with its own image, heading, text and hyperlink button. Add as many articles as you wish. Leave empty, and there will be no articles in your message. 
  6. Article in picture gives you a featured article and large scale image for the focus of your message. The article button can forward you to an external page, a landing page, a survey or a form or a file
  7. Use the Contact Data to add your address to the footer of the message. 
  8. Use the Social Media element to link your footer to your Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Pinterest account. 
  9. Your Call to Action is a customisable button you can use to link to an external page, a landing page, a survey or a form or a file
  10. With the Calendar you create an event and link it to an external page, a landing page, a survey or a form or a file
  11. With Contact us you create a simple business card at the bottom of your message.
  12. Gallery creates an in-message gallery, where each image can be linked to an external URL.
  13. You can use the HTML customisable WYSIWYG Content editor element if you want to use our frame for the template, but also have freedom to customise the majority of your content.
  14. Sending out a newsletter? Use the Date for a timestamp.
Any hyperlink you include in your email message, as part of your ‘articles’ or your call to action can be labeled and tracked. Learn more how to manage Link Tracking here.

We also offer you the possibility to personalise your email message (e.g. with personalisation placeholders). Read more about the personalisation possibilities here


Customise the color theme of your message. You can manage the appearance of several elements from here. Click on the color window to select a color from the color wheel or enter the HEX code in the text field if you have it ready.

If you experiment but you are unhappy with the end result you can always reset to the default color scheme.

Preview and Save

If you feel like you are almost finished, go ahead and Preview your message. Just navigate to the top right corner and click on Preview. The visualisation of the message will appear in a new tab in your browser. 

Personalisation will not be visible in the Preview unless you fill in the test profile in the general settings. The fields in the test profile will be used to preview the personalisation placeholders. 

In the wizard there is no Save button at the bottom of the entire message, but there is for each element individually. Do not forget to click on Save for every change you make per element.

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