Manage documents library (File Manager)

The media library is the place where you can store and manage all your images and documents. You can find it in Campaigns > Media. This article will walk you through all the possible options regarding the document library.

Click on Open file library to access your documents.

Create a folder

To add a new folder click on Create > Folder. Enter the name of your new folder and then click on Create.

Upload a document

To add a new document click on Upload. Click on Add files and select the desired document or just simply drag the document you want to upload. Documents must be a maximum of 5 MB. The possible extensions are: html, pdf, zip, txt, doc, xdoc, docx, xls, xlsx, csv, ppt, pptx, pps, rtf, xlsx. If a document does not meet the conditions you will receive an error message. Hover your mouse over the Error text to see the reason for the error message. Next, click on Upload to finalise.

Rename a document or a folder

To rename a document or a folder check the accompanying box to that document or folder, then click on  Manage and select Rename. Enter the new name and click on Rename.

Changing the name of a document is not advisable when it's already in a message. This way the document will no longer be visible to the readers of your message. 

Remove a document or a folder

To remove a document or a folder check the accompanying box, then click on Manage. Select Remove and confirm by clicking Ok.

By removing a folder all the documents in that folder will be deleted as well.

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