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A Message Check is a very helpful tool you can use to proofread your message just before you send it out. We strongly recommend performing a message check for your layout and the safety of your content every time you are about to launch a new campaign. And we have provided you with a tool within Flexmail to facilitate that check. The message check simultaneously runs a test for how your message will perform in various web browsers and email clients, and how it will perform against spam filters and it shows you the results from the analysis in a very simple and scannable preview. 

A Message Check consists of two parts - a message preview and a content spam check. The Message Check does both simultaneously and lists the results in the same display, one after the other. Read on to learn how to generate the results and how to read them. 

Generate the Message Check report

  1. In your list of messages, find the message you want to work on and click on the gear icon to the right. The drop-down menu will expand and you need to click on Message Check.

    Support tip
    Alternatively, you can start your message check from any Preview of a message you have created with the Drag & Drop Builder, Wizard Template or the HTML Editor. From editing mode, you can click on Preview. Below the preview, you find the link: 'Test your message with our message and spam checker'.
  2. In the next screen, click on the button Start new Message Check to open the screen.

  3. Write down a name for your message check, and then click on Start Message Check.

  4. Your check will start immediately. You see various results, ordered by categories: 

Understanding the Message Check analysis - Message preview

  1. Scroll up and down to see the thumbnails of various mail clients, by order - Desktop email clients, Web-based email clients and Mobile-based email clients
  2. Find the mail client of interest to you.
  3. Click on the thumbnail to preview the message.
  4. Your message will be displayed as it would be displayed in the email client. From the button at the top you can toggle between versions with and without images.

Understanding the Message Check analysis - Spam 

  1. Scroll down to see whether your message passes the spam filters for the most popular email providers and web clients.
  2. If you see the tag Failed in red, you can read why your message failed the spam test and adjust your content.

View Message Check again

Once you have created your message check, you can access it again. 

Go back to your list of message checks and click on the gear icon > Preview for the message check that you want to view again. Or just click on the Name of the message check you prefer.

Remove Message Check

You can remove the message check from the same screen. 

Go back to your list of message checks and click on the gear icon > Remove for the message check that you want to remove.

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