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What is Message Check?

The message check is a very helpful tool you can use to perform layout control and anti-spam analysis - to proofread your messages just before you send them. It is available from your message list or message preview. We recommend you perform your check only when your message is ready for final touches. 
Layout control 
The first part of the check is focused on the layout of your message in the various email clients. It will show you a list of popular desktop, mobile and online email apps by name, and then a thumbnail. 

If you click on the thumbnail you will see your message exactly as it would look for the contact that opens it. The layout, alignment, and colors. Use the buttons at the top to toggle between a message version with or without images. If the message fails to load completely because of a bad connection, or the email client blocks your images, you want your message to still look well done and attractive. The Message Check tool will help you achieve that. 

Support tip
Use your reports to learn which email clients your contacts use the most. Make sure you pay special attention to those email clients when you examine your previews.

Anti-spam analysis

The second part of your message check is focused on the content. More specifically, if it will pass spam filters.

It will perform a spam algorithm check to tell you if your message will pass spam filters of the most popular email providers and email clients, and therefore eliminate the chance that it does not reach your entire audience. 

Which algorithms does the Message Check use?

Preview of your message on various desktop, mobile, and web-based mail apps. 

Desktop email clients Web-based email clients Mobile-based email clients
Apple Mail 12 Dark AOL Mail Gmail App (Android)
Lotus Notes 8.5 Gmail Gmail App (iOS)
IBM Notes 9 Yahoo! Mail Outlook
Outlook 2010 Outlook.com iPad (Retina)
Outlook 2013 Office 365 iPad Mini
Outlook 2016 (Windows) iPhone 7
Outlook 2016 (Mac) iPhone 7 Plus
Outlook 2019 iPhone 8
Thunderbird 60 iPhone 8 Plus
Windows 10 Mail

Make sure the content of your message will pass popular spam filters and email client protections (spam analyses email clients).

Spam filters Email client protections  
Barracuda  Apple Mail 12 (Dark Mode) 
Gmail  Lotus Notes 8.5 
GMX.de  IBM Notes 9 
Mail.com  Outlook 2010 
Symantec.Cloud  Outlook 2013 
Outlook  Outlook 2016 (Windows)
Sender ID  Outlook 2016 (Mac)
SpamAssassin Outlook 2019 
Thunderbird 60 
Windows 10 Mail 
AOL Mail (Firefox) 
Gmail (Firefox) 
Yahoo! Mail (Firefox) 
Outlook.com (Firefox) 
Office 365 (Firefox)

In order to perform a message check, you need to have control credits. Contact our sales team for more information.

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