Create a landing page

Landing pages are a great way to provide your contacts with maximum information about your products but also keep your message light and clear at the same time. This article will show you how to create a landing page.

  1. Go to Landing pages in the Automation section of your Flexmail account. Here you will see all the landing pages you have already created, ordered by category.

  2. Click on Create new landing page.
  3. Select whether you wish to create the landing page with the Drag & Drop builder or with the HTML Editor. If you choose the Drag & Drop Builder, you have a number of templates you can use if you deselect the option "No template". Next, enter a name for your landing page, select a category (and your template) and then click on Save to start composing your landing page.

  4. Proceed as if you were creating an email message. The working method for the creation of landing pages is completely similar to the creation of an email message in the Drag & Drop Builder or the HTML editor.

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