How do I get the most out of landing pages?

Make them scannable

Creating a landing page is a good way to avoid overloading your e-mail messages with information. Keep your messages light and include the complementing information to your landing pages.

That being said, landing pages can feel overwhelming as well. Make sure the information you present there is logical and easy to scan – divide it into paragraphs and add headings if you have to. Keep most of it, preferably all, ‘above the fold’ – in the visible space before you start scrolling.

Make them focused

Your landing page should not be perceived as just another pointless click. It must be clear to the user how they came to it, what for, and what is the purpose of the page. Have a single action moment – a  single, clear call to action and direct the attention of the user to that CTA.

Make use of your USP

Everything in a landing page must be concise. Put your unique selling proposition to action. In the short while the visitor will spend time on your landing page, this is your unique opportunity to explain why you are unique and deserve their attention and their business.

Make them polished

Your landing page usually invites the visitor to action – to subscribe, to engage, to purchase. Make your page truly inviting. Landing pages are created via the message building tools. Use the same tricks and tips to make your landing pages look beautiful, attractive, focused, and trustworthy. Seamless with your e-mail message style.

Make a lot of them

To put your landing pages to good use, you need to create a lot of them – every time it is fitting. For example, after your contact fills out a form or a survey, instead of simply displaying a text message, redirect them to a beautiful landing page with its own purpose.

Then, by using your link tracking, and your landing page reports you can learn a lot about the interaction of your contacts with your campaigns.

When using personalisation, you are using the information you have saved in your Flexmail database. But when you share a landing page externally, the landing page would not be connected to your database. Therefore, personalisation in your landing pages will not work when you share them via a weblink.

Make them a part of something bigger

Use Workflows and landing pages together to automate your e-mail campaigns. For example, every time a user has clicked on a landing page featuring a certain product, but has not purchased it, you can remind them after a certain time to give your product a second chance.  

We can give you lots of advice but ultimately, landing pages are really a blank canvas. With this inspiration in mind, go ahead and unleash your creative genius. Do not forget to always seek how to make the most with the tools at your disposal.  

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