How do you get visitors to your website? Tips for teasers

Conversion is key for a successful campaign. Nice, your contacts are reading your newsletter! But, of course, you don’t want them to stop there. It gets really interesting when your readers click through to your website looking for external information. How can you make sure your readers are actually visiting those pages? By writing engaging and persuasive teasers. But how do you do that?

From teaser to ‘read more’

Teasers are pieces of texts made up of two or three lines that your readers will encounter in your newsletter or on your website’s home page. Based on these short texts, they will instantly decide whether or not to continue reading. That’s why you need to carefully write your teasers in such a way that your reader almost doesn’t have a choice but to click the button. Spark their curiosity!

Losing teaser

Before we reach the real tips, we’d first like to warn you. Many writers think they’ve finished writing their teaser quickly: they copy their lead’s first three lines and paste it right above their ‘read more’ button. That’s a missed opportunity, because that lead serves a different purpose. Those few visitors that do click through will feel cheated: they have to read familiar text again before they reach new information. A real losing teaser.

Not that this mistake isn’t understandable. You want to give your readers information as quickly as you can. But these important pieces of text each serve their own goal: a lead informs readers, a teaser persuades them.

Some smart tricks for engaging teasers

So what do you include in a teaser? A few pointers:


Anecdotes or stories are always engaging openers. Make sure to save the ending for your actual text. Spark your readers’ imagination and make sure they want to know the rest of the story.

There I went, completely ready for an adventure. There was just one more thing I should have considered...


Mentioning topical events, products or services catches your reader’s eye.

On tv yesterday, available in our store today: X’s new products!

List benefits

Why should your contact read this message at all? What’s in it for them? A gift, extra information, a discount? Tell them!

Do you want a shot at a Las Vegas trip? Then click here.

Provoke curiosity or confront your readers

It might be a bold strategy, but it works every time: a provocative or confronting question will always entice at least a few readers to click.

How smart do others really think you are? Take the test...

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