About landing pages

What are landing pages?

Landing pages are web pages that can be created in Flexmail. Their function is to provide additional information about the content of your email message. E.g. you can sum up your products in your email message and next, you can link to a landing page per product with a more elaborate description of your product. That way your email message stays light and clarifying and the interested reader still has all the information about your products.

How do landing pages work in Flexmail?

In Flexmail, you can easily create landing pages using the Drag & Drop Builder or the HTML Editor. You can take advantage of some of the other Flexmail features to maximise the use of your landing pages. E.g. you can set up Link Tracking onto the link to your landing page in a certain message and add an interest label to that link. That way, if contacts opens the landing page, they will become a member of a specific interest label and you could send them some more targeted information about the content of that landing page. 

How to share landing pages?

  • Your landing pages can be linked to your messages through a text link, an image or a button, which can be clicked for further information on your products. 
  • Flexmail also provides a secured weblink of your landing pages for external use. That way, you can publish the link of your landing page on your website. 
When using personalisation, you are using the information you have saved in your Flexmail database. But when you share a landing page externally, the landing page would not be connected to your database. Therefore, personalisation in your landing pages will not work when you share them via a weblink.

Landing pages reports

In your landing page report you can check which links in your landing page have been clicked on and how many times. You can also view a link map of your landing pages.

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