About the Drag & Drop Builder

What is the Drag & Drop Builder

The Builder is the most popular design tool in Flexmail. Using a drag&drop builder, you can create stunning emails in no time by dragging and manipulating the elements onto the canvas. Either use one of the templates or start from scratch. You can use the time you saved to play around with the layout or to produce targeted content. Thanks to the Drag & Drop Builder’s predesigned structures, you’re more than halfway through creating your perfect email.

Why choose the Drag & Drop Builder

Unlike the HTML editor and the Wizard, you have optimal design flexibility. It’s user-friendly (no HTML knowledge needed) and we ensure an optimal rendering in all different email clients, both on desktop, web or mobile. Simply choose the number of columns and drag in the desired elements like spacers and lines, call to actions, images or social media links. 

What does the Drag & Drop Builder consist of 

The Builder consists of 3 main components: 
Every structure and every element can individually be removed or duplicated. 

  • Body – Under the ‘Body’ tab (Message tab) you can edit the general appearance elements such as the width of your message, background colors, default fonts, and link color. If you prefer to work without guidelines around the structures (helplines only for you to see), you can also switch those off here.
  • Structure – Under the ‘Structure’ tab on the right you can choose between empty and predefined structures to add to your canvas. The order of your already existing structures can always be changed by dragging them around. The structures are nothing more than pre-defined (recommended) layout sections that contain pre-defined elements. The empty states of those structures are just empty columns for you to fill with elements. For example: A typical structure is a combination of text and images, divided into two or three columns. If you drag and drop this structure onto your canvas you have defined what your elements will be and where they will be positioned. All that is left now is to upload your images and type in your text.
  • Element - Under the ‘Element’ tab (Content tab) you will find all available content elements. You just need to drag these to the already existing structures in your message. The content elements can also be dragged and moved from one structure to another. You can add:
    • Text
    • Image
    • Buttons 
    • White space
    • Horizontal lines
    • Social media
    • QR codes
    • Calendar events

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