About AB testing

What is AB testing?

On the third step of creating a campaign, you have the option to set up an AB test. 

It is basically a way to test similar versions of the same campaign and trace which version would be more successful with your audience. You can use this information to improve your campaigns and messages in the future. 

How does AB testing work in Flexmail?

Let's call the campaign you have created so far "Campaign A". Setting up an AB test basically means that you are creating a second campaign, which would be "Campaign B". The only difference between "Campaign A" and "Campaign B" would be one of the following features, based on your preference:

  • Subject line
  • Sender
  • Content 
  • Call to action

You can manipulate these features as you are setting up the AB test. You can send your AB test to a fixed number of your contacts or a percentage of them (with the exception of call-to-action tests). Half of the chosen contacts will receive "Campaign A" and the other half will receive "Campaign B". 

You will need to set a waiting period in which the AB testing will take place. After that period is over, Flexmail will determine and send the winning campaign to the remainder of your contact list based on the highest open or click rate. That way you can be confident that you are choosing the best features for your target audience.

You can only choose one of the four types of AB testing for each campaign.

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