Types of AB testing

In Flexmail there are four types of AB testing and you can choose one of them per campaign:

  • Testing based on subject line 
  • Testing based on sender 
  • Testing based on content 
  • Testing based on call to actions (image + link) 

Testing based on subject line

Testing on subject line allows you to test multiple versions of the subject line of your campaign with a test group to determine a winner. You need to choose a number or a percentage of your contact list to be your test group and determine a waiting period in which the test will take place. After that period is over, the rest of your contact list will receive the winner campaign: the subject line that got the highest open rate. 

Testing based on sender

Testing on sender works on the same principle as testing based on subject line. The difference is that you will be testing which one of multiple senders will accumulate the highest open rate. 

Testing based on content

Testing on content gives you the opportunity to send different messages to your test group. After the waiting period you have set is over, the campaign that got the most clicks will be sent to the remainder of your contact list.

Testing based on call to actions (image + link)

Testing on call to actions allows you to test multiple variants of the image of your call to action with your first readers. In contrast to the other types of AB testing, your campaign will be sent to all the contacts in your list. Flexmail will alternate the different variants of your call to action to your first readers. You decide after how many contacts that perform clicking actions a winner should be determined. The image with the most clicking actions would be the winner. After an image reaches the number of contacts you have set, the winning version will be shown to all the following readers.

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