Drag & Drop Builder: Message settings

When you create a message in the Drag & Drop Builder, you have a few settings that you could play with. They are located under the “Body” tab on the right side of the screen.

Page title

When your contacts display the web version of your message, some browsers will display a title for your message as tab name. Here you can now determine the page title yourself. You have 3 options: 

  • #subject# (default): the subject of your campaign will be used as page title
  • Custom: When inserting your own text, that text will be used as a page title
  • Empty: the browser will return to its default settings. In most cases, the url will be shown as a page title. 


Here you can set the width of your message yourself. By default Flexmail will put the width of 700px, to ensure a responsive design by avoiding having to scroll horizontally in the preview screens of email clients.

Support tip
There is absolutely no need to make your email messages any wider. This standard width is sufficient for all the content you wish to add and is perfectly suited to most webmail, desktop and mobile email clients. With a responsive design that is maximum 700px wide your contacts don’t need to scroll horizontally and are able to scan your email in a single step. Remember: content that is not instantly visible will not be read.


The body alignment will bring the entire frame of your content to the right, to the left or centered. It is probably the best to keep your content centered, unless you have specific artistic reasons behind your alignment decision. 


Here you can set the general background color around and behind your actual message. 

Background message

Here you can set the background of your message itself. By default, the background of your message is set as transparant. Because of this you see the general background color (chosen in the step above). 


Here you can set a default font. All text elements you place will automatically take over this font. Of course, you can still change this for every single element.

Link color

The default link color you set here will be used as link color for the links you’ll place using the editor in your text elements.

Guidelines on/off

By default, the guidelines in your message will be activated. These guidelines will make it easier to identify and edit your different structures. If you want you can switch off those guidelines here.

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