About house style settings

If your account already works with interests instead of with interest labels and preferences, you can find more information here.

What do house style settings consist of?

House style settings consist of the elements specific to your branding which you use most commonly throughout your mailing. Setting up your own house style settings eases the creation of new mailing materials as those settings would be suggested or predefined beforehand. Of course, you will always have the option to change those settings for every new piece of mailing material you create. 

How do house style settings work in Flexmail?

In Flexmail, you can define the colours you use the most throughout your communication. These colours will appear as standard for every new message, form, survey... This is very useful and recommendable for Flexmail accounts with different users. Besides the basic colour palette, you can define some elements for forms and surveys separately. Those elements consist of the language, font, colours, banner and notification options for forms and surveys in particular. The settings would be applied by default but you can always change them for every new form and survey you create. For messages created with Wizard template, you can set up house style settings for the banner, choose a default template and set the colour for every element in that template. The settings will be applied to all the Wizard template messages you create, but again, you can change them for every new message.

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