Create an opt-in form

An opt-in form gives new potential contacts the opportunity to subscribe to your messages or indicate that they want to continue receiving them. You can link opt-in forms to your messages or add the link to your website. You can also add interests to your opt-in forms which your contacts can use to indicate what kind of information and content they want to receive from you. How to create an opt-in form with the help of an easy wizard is described in the following article.

  1. To create a new opt-in form, go to the Forms > Opt-in section of your account. Here you can see all the opt-in forms you have created so far.

  2. Click Create new form.

  3. In the first step, you enter a name for your new opt-in form and select the language. The language you choose here will be used for all texts and buttons in the form. Next, click Choose fields.

  4. Add the fields that should be displayed in your opt-in form. You can select all the fields you have created so far. Select the desired field from the drop-down list. You can determine the field order by dragging the added fields by means of the two lines to the left-hand side. You can also indicate whether the field is mandatory during the subscription process. Next, click To form settings.

  5. In the next step, enter the sender details required for sending the confirmation email to the subscribing contacts. Here, you can also opt for subscribing your contacts to certain public interests. Your contacts can still customise these interests on their profile page later on. Next, click Save form.

  6. Attention
    You can select up to five public interests.
  7. You can always modify your form if necessary by clicking on the name of the form in the overview. Here you can see all the settings you made before and you will be able to change them via the edit option.

  8. If you want to place the opt-in form on your website, use the HTML code via the button embed your form.

  9. You will see a pop up with the code that you can copy and a description of how to place this code on your website.

  10. Support tip
    If you want the opt-in form to be in your own branding, customise your branding via the settings of your account.

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