Drag & Drop Builder: Content elements

The Drag & Drop Builder is a message building tool where you can select a template, rearrange its structure(s), then drag and drop content in the shape of content elements. 

You can drag and drop the content elements from the menu onto the canvas or drag them from one place on the canvas to another, to rearrange them, within the same structure or between structures. Both actions will preserve the overall design of the template. 


The text is the basis of your message. It is the most important element you use to give your contact information. It is crucial to how you present yourself and your brand. 

In the Builder, you can drag and drop your text blocks onto your canvas directly and easily manage and style your text-based content. Colour, fonts, size and spacing are not the limit here. 

You can easily add links to external sources, email addresses, forms, surveys, landing pages or files for download. You can personalise your message via placeholders to make it more engaging.


Images are what makes your content attractive and attention-grabbing. The right use of images can boost your sales, bring up your engagement, increase your subscription rate, lead to more social media attention, improve your brand recognition and any other objective you may have. 

In the Builder, image management is a piece of cake. The templates already include eye-catching images, but you could also upload your own. Via the special Image Editor you can rotate, crop, resize and tune the overall appearance of your image - from the brightness and contrast to the saturation and temperature until it fits your branding and your message like a glove.  

This tool can make your images attractive but also functional. In the Image Properties, you can add alt text to every image in your message which will make it accessible, easily readable and SEO-friendly. You can add links to your messages to other websites, forms, surveys, landing pages or even files.  


Make your call to action irresistible with the Button element. A button is usually perceived as the centerpiece of a successful message. To click or not to click - that is the question. And with the Builder, the answer is yes. Your in-button text style is fully manageable. The colour, the size and the border can be completely styled to your liking. 

Most importantly, the action of the buttons can be very diverse. You can send your contact to visit an external URL or an internal landing page. You can ask them to fill in a survey or a form. You can start a conversation - the button can open an email message to you from their local email client. You can offer them a file for download. Get creative. You surely have ideas. 


The era of messages overcrowded with content is long gone. Sometimes less is more. Powerful messages do not need too many images or text to do the job. Express your brand with style. Add large blocks of white space easily with the Spacer element. How large? Drag and drop it and you can immediately see how much space you need between one block and the other. You can always add some colour to your empty space if you feel adventurous. 


A simple horizontal line always helps you to visually divide your content. Create order out of the chaos of even the messiest message in existence. Not sure where the division should be? In the Builder, you not only drag and drop your line onto the canvas to create your element but once you have added it, you can grab it from its original place and drop it elsewhere to reorder your elements. Now take a look back and decide where the line fits best. 


Your social media already says a lot about you. You always want to add our social media buttons to your message to compliment your current message. Whether your contacts do or do not engage with the current message, you want them to be able to see what you have been up to. Maybe they missed something they shouldn't have missed. 

With the Builder, your social media is more than a presence in your message. With collections of beautiful icon sets, it will improve the overall look and style of your message, contributing to your brand recognition and appreciation. With more than ten various social media accounts you can add to this element, you really work on the awareness of your brand. 


Adding a barcode or QR code to your message makes it just that much more helpful, useful and easy to engage with. In the Builder the barcode is an extremely easy and creative tool you can work with to offer something extra to your customer. 

The easy version of events is to add the same barcode to your message for each and every content. You just add your digits to the Value field and the Drag & Drop Builder generates the code for you and inserts it in your message. 

Want to go the extra mile? You can create a custom placeholder for your contacts data (from your Contacts menu in Flexmail). You can assign a different value for everyone in Contacts. If you add that placeholder in the Value field of your barcode element, each of your contacts will receive a different barcode, unique to them. You can use that for discount codes, games, personalised products, personalised invitations, ... You name it, you got it. 

Calendar item

Organising an event? Add one or more events to your message - add the name, date and time. Style it. Link to external resources, to a landing page, to an invitation form, survey or files. Most importantly, you can create a downloadable .ics calendar event - an attachment that is sent to your message which can be added as an event to your contact's calendar easily. With the Drag & Drop Builder, convenience is key. Your contacts can add your event to their personal calendars with the click of a button. 

Properties of the content elements (element settings)

Each element depending on its purpose has different settings. E.g. the barcode element had barcode settings which consist of setting the value, alignment, ... You can see them by clicking on an element into the message layout. The settings of the chosen element will be shown on the right side of the page. We strongly encourage you to play with all content element properties. The Drag & Drop Builder is very easy to work with and it will inspire you to create with all of the great tools it offers you. 

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