About the text version of a message

Regardless of the tool you use to create a message, Flexmail can automatically generate an alternative text-only message for you. By creating a text version, you have two main advantages: 

  • Having a text version of your message will give you a better score against the spam filters. Spam filters use text-based checks and therefore when you submit a text-only message they will be able to run through its entirety and check it for triggering content. The result is, it will be easier for your message to pass anti-spam checks. 
  • You are optimising your message for devices that do not support HTML, such as smart watches. The automatically generated message will be written in Markdown, but you can also turn it into plain text if that is what you prefer for your audience to receive. 

When you generate your automatic text message, your titles and plain text will not be converted. Your images will not show, but your alternative text will. Your buttons will not work, but the URLs will be displayed at the bottom of the message. 

Having a text message is optional. Once you generate your text message, you can edit it and save it. If you happen to do a lot of changes to your template, you can always generate a new text message out of your current content, which will overwrite your edited text message. 

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