Learn how to interpret survey reports


Your basic report comes with a percentage-based data representation of your most popular answers. You can printout the report or export it and download it in the form of a spreadsheet for further analysis.

For your convenience, every result, by question, can be visualised in Flexmail as a pie chart. It can be a helpful tool you can quickly and easily use to create a presentation. Again, each result is printable, and it is downloadable in various image formats. If your questions included a text field for free text responses, you will find the answers here.

Comparative reports

The comparative survey report is particularly helpful if you are sending your survey to distinct groups of people, and you would like to compare their opinions on the same question. For example, what do women think of your customer support, versus what do men?

Say you have a question about gender in the beginning of your survey to send out your respondents on the next pages of your scenario according to the products they might have used. However, at the end of your survey you will have a question both genders will answer – ‘Are you satisfied with our customer support?’

In your comparative survey, you will select the last question as your main question. Then, you will have the information, out of the customers who are ‘extremely satisfied with customer support’ how many are male and how many are female.

Answer sheets of the survey

Your answer sheets give you access to each individual response. If your survey is anonymous you will of course not be able to see any identifying data. However, unlike in the basic report, where you see the results per question, here you can examine them per person.

What is more, you are able to remove individual responders from the statistics. This option comes in handy if you have run tests through the survey before sending it to the contacts or if you discover a particular respondent is irrelevant – i.e. if they are spamming.

That will leave you with quality responses only – responses from which you can learn and improve.

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