Example workflow: Event reminder

Automatically send a reminder to everyone who didn’t register for your event yet.

This standard flow can be used in combination with the standard flow “Follow-up event”.

You probably want to collect as many registrations for your event as possible. Besides a good follow-up for your registered participants, you better also have enough contact moments ready for contact who haven’t registered yet.

In the first start block you can immediately determine when you would like to send your first reminder. You can also select a specific time. In this example we’ve limited the target group to contacts within one specific mailing list.

Next, we’ll send our first campaign, in which we list 10 reasons why you definitely shouldn’t miss our event. That is a fun way to highlight our event with a different message. This campaign will be sent on the moment that we’ve selected in our start block.

The contacts that register for our event after this first reminder should also get a confirmation email. We’ll try to convince the contacts who still haven’t registered one last time with a second reminder. In the next block we’ll make a new selection using a wait block.

In this wait block we’ll wait until someone fills out the form (for our confirmation) or wait until a specific date on which we want to send our second reminder to the remaining contacts. Make sure that you definitely used an “OR” parameter in between the two conditions. Select the correct form in your wait block, together with the date on which you want to send your second reminder.

The contacts that register for your event will immediately go through to the next block. All contacts who haven’t registered yet will remain waiting in this step until we reach the date we’ve selected, until they go on to the next step.

In the next step we’ll use an if/else block to split up our target group. Select the form that you used to collect your registrations. The contacts that fill out the form will go to the yes-side. The remaining contacts will go to the no-side for the second reminder.

On the yes-side of this example you can choose to start a new flow. For this, you can use the standard flow “follow-up event”. By starting this workflow here, the contacts that register through your reminder will also get the same follow-up as your early birds.

On the no-side you can set up your second reminder. In this campaign block you need to fill out all the sending information, insert the subject line and select the message that you wish to send.

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