Edit active workflows

To edit an active workflow, click on the gear next to the workflow and select Edit workflow. Your workflow will open up, so you can make changes to the different blocks.

Risks of editing an active workflow

Every workflow is a logical sequence of steps, and every step depends on the conditions of the previous one(s). By changing blocks in an active workflow you may involuntarily break the logical chain between the different steps. For example, the conditions of the parameters you edit may not make sense anymore, contacts in wait blocks may get stuck, and all kinds of other unwanted results.

That's why we recommend that you edit a workflow only if it's necessary. We do not recommend making changes to the workflow once it has been started.

Tips on editing an active workflow

First, we advise you not to overcomplicate your workflows. That way you will lower the risks in case you decide to make changes at some point. If you have decided that it's necessary to edit a workflow, we recommend that you first stop the workflow and duplicate it. Make the changes to the duplicated version and launch it when you are done. This way, you can always go back to the original version in case you make some mistake and something doesn't work but you can't figure out why. Besides that, the plus is that you can compare the results of the original and the duplicated workflow to determine if your changes have been beneficial.

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