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What are forms?

Forms are documents designed for data entry which you can use to gather useful information. You can determine the amount and type of fields provided to the recipient, which would determine what type of information you ask for. Forms can be used in many occasions, e.g. invitations, event registrations, customer feedback, ...

How do forms work in Flexmail?

In Flexmail you can create digital forms that you can share with your contacts. Flexmail will take care of collecting and processing the results of the submitted forms. Each form can be easily attached to messages or be shared via a web link. When creating a form, you will first have to compose all the content that you want to include in your form. Flexmail offers you a wizard with a variety of field types and options. You can also personalise your forms using the information of your contacts saved in the Flexmail database. 

Features of the form module

  • 9 different form field types
  • 11 different validation filters applicable to the answers of the form as well as ability to create your own
  • Prefill fields with contact data and add filled in contact data in your database
  • Personalise the colours, fonts and formatting of each form
  • Personalise the header of the form with your banner 
  • Choose the language of the form's buttons among the contact languages you have chosen for your account
  • Ability to add explanations to each question
  • Personalise your intro text, questions and closing text via your Flexmail database
  • HTML editor for intro text and closing text
  • Forms available to link in message as well as via a stand-alone secure weblink for external use
  • Real-time reports
  • Result exports in Excel or CSV files
  • Enable your contacts to upload files (extra-paid field)

(Custom) form settings

After you have assembled your form, you can edit its settings for further customisation. You can adjust the language which would be used in the form for texts such as Select and Submit, the layout features of your form and add your banner. Here you can also set the form closing settings, set up a confirmation message which your contacts will receive after submitting the form and indicate to receive a notification after someone completes your form. We recommend that you take a look at those settings and give your form a layout similar to your own branding. 

How to share forms?

  • Your forms can be linked to your messages through a text link, an image or a button.
  • Flexmail also provides a secured weblink of your forms for external use. With this option, you can place the link of your form on your website.

When using personalisation, you are using the information you have saved in your Flexmail database. But when you share a form externally, the form would not be connected to your database. Therefore, personalisation in your form will not work when you share it via a weblink.

Form reports

In the form reports you can find all the submissions and see when every form was submitted. You can export an overview of all forms answers in an Excel or CSV file. Besides the overview, you can also open an example of all the individual forms with the answers that were given by each different contact and print the different example forms.

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