About validation filters

What are validation filters? 

Validation filters are criteria you can add to form and survey questions, which a contact would have to meet in order to give their answer. That way, the validity of the given answers will be verified in advance. Flexmail will only accept answers that comply with the set filters.

How do validation filters work in Flexmail? 

In Flexmail, you can set up validation filters for small text field types of questions for forms, and for small text field and multiple choice with a small text field types of questions for surveys. 

For surveys you can only set up a validation filter if the question is marked as required.

Types of validation filters

There are 11 validation filters that you can choose from, but you can also set up your own filter using Regular Expression. Custom filters are not advised for beginner users. The ready Flexmail filters offered are:

  • Alphanumeric
  • DD-MM-YY
  • DD/MM/YY
  • Email
  • Http://
  • VAT Number
  • Numeric

The answers should meet certain requirements in order to be accepted. For example, if you ask for an email, Flexmail will only accept answers that contain @ in them; if you ask for a website, Flexmail will only accept answers that contain http:// in them. If the answer does not meet the requirements, the contact will see an error message that they should adjust the answer to the required structure.

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