Survey reports

For maximum results, Flexmail offers very detailed survey reports, divided into 3 types. This article will show you what exactly can you find in each type of report.

Survey report

In the survey report you will obtain an overview of all questions with the answers in percentages and also graphics of all the answers. You can see the results of a specific campaign and segment. You can Export and Print the data.

Answer sheets of the survey

In the answer sheets of the survey report you will see a list of the email addresses of all the participants in the survey. If the survey is anonymous their email addresses will not be shown. You can also see the Participant index of each submission. You will see the answer sheet of the individual participants, when they completed the survey and how much time did it take them. You can Print the answer sheet.

Comparative survey report

In the comparative survey report, you can see the answers of the survey segmented based on the answers of one main question, which you can choose. You can select to see the results of specific campaign and segment. You can Print the data.

E.g. if you want to see how your sales, accounting and customer service departments answered to a survey separately, you can set up a question in the survey to indicate in which department a participant works. Then select that question as the main question in the report. Now you will be able to see how every department answered to each question separately.

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