Contact reports

Contacts are a very important part of your account. A good contact reporting is therefore imperative.

In order to get a good view of which actions your contacts take within Flexmail and your campaigns, we offer 3 different types of contact reports. This article will show you what exactly can be found in each type of report.

Contact report

If you want detailed information about the actions a contact did during a certain time span, you can create a contact report of this contact. You will have the option to choose between various categories and actions within Flexmail, select a period and even search in the archived campaigns. 

The components you can choose from, will be the following: 

Category   Action
Email Created Contact created
Deleted Contact deleted
Subscriptions Contact subscribed via opt-in form

Unsubscribers Contact unsubscribed
Unsubscription cancelled
Unsubscription cancelled 
Interest labels Interest label added or removed
Profile updates Contact updated his/her profile
Blacklists Contact added to the blacklist
Bounces Contact bounced
Spam notifications Contact marked campaigns as spam

Campaign Sent Campaign sent
Opened Campaign opened
Clicks Clicked in the campaign
Landing pages Landing page opened
Forms Form opened / filled in
Surveys Survey opened / filled in
Forwards Contact forwarded the campaign

Besides choosing the above options separately, you can also choose the option select all to search a complete category and this within a certain time span. And in addition, you can also search the archived campaigns.

The results will be visible in an overview including all the selected actions, which apply to the contact and an exact point of time of the specific actions made by the contact.

Unsubscribe report

When a contact chooses to unsubscribe, he will be asked for a reason why. This will give you the opportunity to adapt your messages, depending on the results you will find here.

In the unsubscribe report you can see the reason why they chose to unsubscribe, presented in a chart and in an overview. 

There are 6 possible reasons a contact can choose from:

  • The contact is no longer interested in the campaigns he is receiving
  • The contact receives too many emails
  • The contact never subscribed
  • Other: the contact can give a specific reason
  • The contact considers the emails as inappropriate
  • The contact wants to report the emails as spam abuse

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