Configure custom branding

Configuring the custom branding settings of your account is recommended to make creating new email material easier. Once you have chosen the colours that are specific for your branding, they will be proposed whenever you create a new message, survey, or form.

In addition to your own colour palette, you can also personalise your opt-in pages and view what they will look like in your branding.

  1. To configure your branding, go to Settings > Branding in your account.

  2. In the panel on the left, you can set your branding and personalise the public Flexmail pages with images and colours. Upload your logo, choose a background image, and set your colours. You can also select your own colour palette, so that these colours are displayed by default when you create new messages, for instance.
  3. Support tip
    For the correct display of your images, it is important that they are saved with the proper dimensions and that they are optimised for the Internet. More information on how to optimise your images for the web and email is provided here.

  4. Next, the various opt-in pages, and what they will look like to your contacts, are displayed in the panel on the right. Here, you can choose between the confirmation email, the profile page of your contacts, the unsubscribe page, and an error page when the verification link has expired.
  5. Click Save after you have finished setting your branding and if you are satisfied with the result.

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