Sending options

In the last step of creating your campaign, you have to choose among the sending options. Flexmail offers you four of them:

Save the campaign (do not send yet)

If you are not ready to send your campaign yet, you have the option to save it. You can later find the saved campaign in the Manage campaigns page. You can choose to edit or send that campaign at any time you decide.

Send campaign now

By choosing this option your campaign will be launched right away. 

Send campaign at a specified time

With this option, you can plan to send your campaign at a specified date and time. You can also select a specific time zone. If you don't set up one, Flexmail will use the default time zone of your account.  

If you wish, you can always change the specified date and time before your campaign is sent.

Send the campaign frequentially 

This option offers to send out your campaign in specific intervals. Your campaign will be sent every 10 minutes. You can choose the period in which your campaign will be sent by selecting the start and end dates. You can further specify the exact days and hours in which the campaign will be sent. 

At the bottom of every option, you can add one or more email addresses that will receive a confirmation message once your campaign has been completely sent out.

We offer four sending options but the possible sending options vary per campaign type. It may happen that you can’t choose between all four sending options when creating your campaign, e.g. you can’t send an opt-in campaign frequentially. 

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