About the Rollback function

What is the Rollback function?

Rollback is a type of backup of the message you are creating in the Drag & Drop Builder or HTML Editor. 

While you are creating your message, we will automatically save the last changes every minute. Additionally, every time you save your message manually, you will create a Rollback version you can go back to. We will save up to 10 versions for your message. 

Support tip
We recommend that after every significant change you do to your message, you save it manually.

How does the Rollback function work in Flexmail?

For all messages created with the Drag & Drop Builder or HTML Editor, the Rollback function is enabled automatically. 

Rollback is available from within your message editing screen at any moment. You can go in at any point and review up to 10 of your previous message versions. You can recognise which one you want to return to by the date and timestamp. Additionally, you will be able to Preview that version of your message visually. While in preview mode you can either cancel and preview another version, or choose to change the current version of the message to the previous one you had been previewing. As soon as you select the version to use, the Rollback screen will disappear and you will be back in editing mode, just where you left off in that version of your message. 

Don't worry. Going back to a previous version of your message in Rollback will not delete the later versions immediately. They will only be deleted when you create more than 10 new versions. You can go back to Rollback to see what you have available now. 

Click on the link to learn in details how to use the Rollback function.

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