Use the Rollback function

Rollback is a type of backup of the message you are creating in the Drag & Drop Builder or the HTML Editor. At any point, you can reverse the current message you are working on to a previous version. Up to 10 earlier versions of your message will be preserved at any point.

Support tip
Going back to a previous version of your message in Rollback will not delete the later versions immediately from the Rollback list. They will only be deleted when you create more than 10 new versions - we will only keep 10 of your latest message versions. 

Drag & Drop Builder

  1. At the upper right corner, find the timestamp when the message you are working on was last saved. 
  2. This way, you open your Version control. Click on a version you want to return to. 
  3. Now you are looking at a preview of the message, the way it looked on this date at that time. At the bottom, click on Cancel if you are not satisfied, or on Use if you want to return to that version of the message.

Wizard Template

Currently, there is no Rollback functionality in the Wizard Template.

HTML Editor

  1. When the message opens, scroll all the way down and you will see the Rollback button. 
  2. You will discover up to 10 Rollback listings, with a timestamp of when they were created, and at the bottom, you will see your current 'Concept'. The listings with a timestamp are previous versions of your message. You can return to any of those and make it your current version you are working on. We encourage you to Preview the message versions first. Just click on the Preview icon to the very right. 
  3. Next, in order to roll back to a particular version, click on the radio button in front of it and then on the Rollback button at the bottom.

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